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We had great traffic, great content, but when advertisers are thinking about who to give their money to, they’re thinking, ‘Let’s give it to gay men—they like fashion; they have money; they like entertainment,” she told me.“They think lesbians are all sitting at home with their cats.There’s a stereotype that lesbians are cheap.” the latter.Here, homophobia and misogyny work together to doubly screw us over: We don’t make as much money as men do (though we do make more than straight women), and we’re punished for it in a dearth of advertising that kills our cultural outlets.“I really hope it succeeds, because we need more options here,” one of the men said. I should have thrown my monthly dance parties there instead of at cooler, more centrally located straight bars.Every time a lesbian bar, business, or blog shutters, a small part of me blames myself.

These things—who might be gay, who’s not a dyke to our great dismay, who’s dating whom—probably wouldn’t show up on my social feeds because my straight friends and co-workers don’t care so much about such relatively inconsequential happenings. Of course, some of my people are now everyone’s people, and that’s part of the problem.The site’s writers reviewed queer artists’ music and books, made notes on queer representation in advertising, kept track of obscure queer web series we’d never find on our own.If there was a new lesbian character—or even a lesbian scene!Emrah Kovacoglu, Totally Her’s general manager, puts it like this: “Evolve Media acquired After from Viacom in October 2014 and proceeded to up the investment in the site by creating new features, franchises, and content to grow the site and its advertiser base.Unfortunately, those efforts did not result in increased audience or enough advertiser support to justify continuing to invest at the same levels.” In his statement, Kovacoglu denied that is “shutting down,” since the company will keep the site’s archives and forums on the internet.

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to the contemporary directions of queer culture and the internet.