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East sussex police website

These teams are led locally by a sergeant and overall they are managed by an inspector.These teams work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.Secondary investigation of crime not dealt with by specialist teams - for example CID - is managed by Response Investigation Teams (RIT) who work closely with the NRT.

The helicopters call-sign is NPAS 15 and it has a registration of G-CPAS.He is believed to be the only chief officer to have suffered such a fate.Prior to 1830 local watchmen were appointed to provide some degree of law enforcement in the area.Sussex police stated they would try to solve less serious crimes online or by phone and focus resources only on offences with the “biggest impact”.Police response is covered by Neighborhood Response Teams (NRT) operating from a number of "hub" stations across the area and providing the initial response to most emergency and prompt attendance calls.

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These forces amalgamated temporarily during the Second World War, from 1943 until 1947, but then policing reverted to the old system for another two decades.