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EG: Photos of me and Steve from 2010 Select the option you want and everything will appear as you’ve requested. Well, let’s turn up the creepiness factor a little bit.

People can now search outside of their friend list for specific personal factors. Below is a search for ‘People in the Australian Army’ Woah!

Now, something like this is possible: What if I wanted to find information that probably shouldn’t been openly available to anyone with a Facebook account – something like personal details of our national military personal. So Facebook will now let anyone in the world find a list of over 1000 individuals in our nation’s military, including their full name, photos, location, age, interests, friend’s & family, relationships and more.

– Actually we have already create the tutorial about Hacking facebook using man in the middle attack about one year ago(for educational purpose) about how to hack facebook password account in a local area network.

Imagine how efficient Mc Carthyism in the 50’s would’ve been with data like this.

Or perhaps a government looking to identify someone with a certain belief or a group who is outspoken about certain topics. It’s been a Beta release for a few months now, with very few people having it enabled yet.

If you’ve read a news website, turned on the TV or not been under a rock over the past few weeks, then there is a good chance you’ve heard of a guy named Edward Snowden. This article isn’t suggesting to stop using platforms like Facebook, but be aware of what you are really handing over in order to play Farmville, ‘Like’ that businesses fan page or follow Bon Jovi’s tweets.

He’s the US analyst who is currently stuck in a Russian airport looking for asylum because he exposed that – surprise, surprise – the US government/NSA had been spying on pretty much everyone. It’s actually a lot more expensive than the FREE price tag on the box.

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Have a look through; there is some pretty interesting stuff in there.

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