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Filmul jane doe online dating

An unseen figure attacks Tommy in the bathroom, leaving bruises on his body. Unable to get to the cremation furnace, they set her ablaze in the exam room.

The fire spreads rapidly; Tommy puts it out with an extinguisher but is disturbed to find the body has not burned.

When he and Austin exit the elevator, they discover he has actually killed Emma, who had returned to pick up Austin for their date.

Certain that Jane Doe's corpse has been preventing them from finding out the truth about her death, they return to the examination room.

Similar symbols are found on the inside of her skin. During the confusion, they realize that other corpses in the morgue have gone missing.

They decide to leave, but the elevator does not work and a fallen tree is blocking the exit door.

He also finds their cat mortally wounded, hiding in an air duct.

News reports on the radio state that a severe storm is about to hit the area, but Tommy and Austin decide to stay and finish the autopsy.

Unlike the other casualties of the crime, the corpse delivered to them is untouched by the multiple traumas visited upon the other victims.Tommy’s ankles and wrists shatter, mimicking the wounds on the corpse.Tommy forces his son to kill him to end his misery, Austin reluctantly stabs his father on the chest with knife.Jimsonweed, a paralyzing agent not native to the area, is found in her stomach.The condition of much of the body suggests that death had just occurred, while cloudiness of the corpse’s eyes suggests that she had been dead for a few days. The radio begins to spontaneously change channels frequently settling on the song Open Up Your Heart (And Let the Sunshine In), and Austin hears sounds and believes he sees people standing in the morgue's hallway.

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Tommy and Austin reason that in their attempt to punish a witch, the Salem authorities instead transformed an innocent woman into a witch who now wants revenge.