Hindu dating muslim

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Hindu dating muslim

Once in power, the BJP tacitly encourages its foot soldiers to target Muslims and that pushes the Muslim community to rally behind whatever party they think can provide them with safety.

This is why they don't mind Gandhi hopping from Hindu temple to another.Gandhi can't hope to turn the discontent into votes for the Congress until he denies the BJP the opportunity to tag him anti-Hindu.There are already memes doing the rounds on social media stoking Hindu fears of Muslims.Gandhi wants to show through his temple visits that he is no less a Hindu than BJP leaders, but not the kind who has to prove his Hinduness by demonising Muslims.This is a message Gandhi seeks to convey not only in Gujarat, but also across India.

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Take JS Bandukwala, a renowned Muslim social reformer who taught nuclear physics in a university in Gujarat. He and his daughter managed to flee before murderous mobs could assault them.

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