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For years, I have heard so much about Amsterdam, but mostly just about the red light district and the fact that you can smoke pot legally, with coffee houses offering up a menu of more than just coffee.However, no one ever talked about the outright beauty of the city with its gorgeous canals filled with swans or the incredible architecture and array of museums. I got there on a Saturday night, so of course my first stop had to be the Red Light District, as I had heard so much about it.Here’s a tip: comparison shop if you are interested, as not all women are willing to do the same things and the prices will vary!Of course I had to do some research, but the research stopped there!

They offer free wi-fi, but only in the lobby, which is a little bit of a drag, but for a fee, you can get it in the room as well.

Aside from the window shopping you can do, there are some great bars and coffee houses and it’s just a fun area in which to go out and meet people.

Ladies, maybe you’re thinking, what is there for you there? You should look into a city pass when you get off the train in central station.

They will give you a 30 minute code to use and you can get as many as you need, and being that there are so many NH hotels throughout the city, you can always pop into any one of them and hop online.

Having popped into a few of the others, the lobby and reception area looked really nice and you probably couldn’t go wrong choosing any one of them for your stay.

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