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In the event of your death during the period when your coverage is in effect, term life insurance will pay out a specified amount to the beneficiaries listed on your policy.

The exact sum depends on how much coverage you bought.

A holiday shopping romp becomes a headache when a couple is exposed and lands on the naughty list; College co-eds sneak away from a family holiday party and end up in the ER; after a quickie, a couple thinks a Christmas miracle is on the way.

A woman who slept through the birth of her child, hopes to find a diagnosis for her sleeping condition. A 2.5ft teenager hopes to find out what stalled his growth.Once you pass 50, your life insurance needs may change.Perhaps the kids are grown and financially secure, or your mortgage is finally paid off.An 11-year-old undergoes fire treatment to lose weight.A boy living with tissue paper skin and a man with a hole in his face search for cures.

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One advantage of whole life insurance, which is also known as permanent insurance, is that it doesn't expire.

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