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Myspace bulletins dating

We will explore social media in Part III Getting the Word Out.

This section summarizes the step-by-step instructions on planning your reunion.

We will examine the key elements in forming a committee and what the committee does later in this chapter.

If you can get a committee together and you are commemorating a milestone reunion, your chances are pretty good for generating a lot of interest in a reunion.

We will go into each of these steps in depth later in the book.

In the past, creating a website required someone with the technical knowledge and skills of an experienced computer programmer.

You should post a message that tells visitors you are in the early stages of planning the reunion.

Invite everyone who visits the website to register on the Classmates page and to tell their friends about the website.

To ensure you have sufficient lead-time, you should ideally start planning 12 months in advance of the event.

If you only have six months or less, you can still pull it off but you may need to adjust your timeline accordingly.

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Encourage people to come back often as there will be many updates in the coming weeks and months.