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Relaciones peligrosas capitulo 40 online dating sites

“--Sounds like you’ve been really hurt by one.” He says yeah, but he’d rather forget her. Gus smiles mischievously when the double-entendre finally gob-smacks him between the eyes. She thought the mother was a friend of Nessa’s since it was their engagement party and a big celebration. He is really acting like a grownup --putting his feelings on the line and wooing her, rather than forcing her or manipulating her.The mother left him with Maria while she supposedly went to the bathroom. It just gets me why she would abandon him like that.”Back in Rog’s room, he gives Pau a book he got as a boy from his daddy and tells Pau he wants her to give it to Mgrito. Rog then asks her if she thinks there could ever be anything more between them. I also like the fact that they have begun to really talk; share their thoughts and feelings, and their past lives. Rogelio and Ana Paula share a moment of cordiality as Rosaura must explain to the two of them what old, dear friend is in the hospital at death’s door she needs to see back in Tuxtla.

Sin gets all starry-eyed and says she’s sure her friend “will enjoy meeting the man who saved my life.” Gus looks like he’s seeing Sin through his own set of hearts and flowers--something which Big Sis is happy to see. There are many others who would want to be his friend! At the restaurant, Sin finds a quiet spot to blow off Big Dave who tells her he’s free now and is coming to join her and Vainessa at the restaurant. Pau mentions how Vainessa threw poor unsuspecting Dani out on her asset-less backside. “—You ought to give yourself a chance to dream and hope again, to feel a reason to smile, like I smile because of you. I think the ET folks are having a grand old time ragging on the novela.

And I still like the fact that he doesn't burst her bubble re Tia, and tries to help the people who are important to Paula.

I didn't like the adoption thing about Margarito, which seemed manipulative, as did his trying to find out why her novia "conquered" her.

The two pairs of eyes lock and it’s Gus Galahad all over again. ” “--Yeah, they beat me up and nearly killed me.” Sin admits she’s lucky he showed up when he did or she’d be up Spit Creek without a paddle about now. (Something tells me Rosie was never even on Feddy’s radar screen!

Gentleman Gus absorbs the warm words of praise and gallantly offers to take her to Big Sis, The Nurse, to get Sin’s arm cleaned up and bandaged. ) Rosie says he’s now at Death’s door and is quick to refuse AP’s offer to go with her to Tuxtla by suggesting that now that AP and Ro-Hell are getting along so much better her job there is done, and Pau's place is with hubby.

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Otherwise she would have no conflict about leaving Rogelio.