Samantha mumba dating sisqo

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Samantha mumba dating sisqo

And the livejournal headline doesn't help calling Chris Brown "miss" and calling this guy his "lover".We want guys like Chris Brown to stroll the red carpet holding a guy's hand and telling everybody this guy is the love of his life. A friend of mine had a long term Latino fuck buddy. Being FAR from Atlanta where these rumors are whispered it had not made it in a credible fashion out to us in Hollywood. Maybe you missed it last year when celebrity publicist Jonathan Jaxson revealed Ludajuice was having sex with a gay porn star whose real name is Gordon.That’s when Luda was frequently spotted picking up Gordon with his Acura Legend a car that is still owned by the platinum record selling Hip/Hop rap star).

But the fact that they can't be truthful to themselves is what's troubling.Black artists continue to cry because they say white-owned record companies are ripping them off, but black men like Luda (who have their own record company) are the first to extort and exploit their own people.Does this explain the close relationship to the young Bieber kid mentored by Usher & Diddy (other closeted GAYS)?One of those boys was recently reported to have had a bag placed over his head while being transported to Ludas College Park, ATL home (neighboring a Publix supermarket).I’m told that’s where Luda humped the dude while the bag was still over the dude’s head! According to my source, Ludajuice portrays himself as being a very quiet person.

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The Latino claimed to be straight, because he did not kiss, did not suck my friend, and did not bottom. NOW, my HIGHLY RELIABLE sources have confirmed that rumor to be TRUE! Ludajuice was in fact humping Gordon while the “different area codes” rapper was working for the then 97.5 FM ATL radio station, which is now 107.9 in FAGLANTA.