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While the broader culture continues to fight over what “sexual morality” means, one thing is certain: Andy Stanley is determined not to sit this one out.RNS: If these are the new rules for love, sex, and dating, what are some of the old rules that you don’t think work anymore?I used to consider this (and similar claims) to be quite deceptive (or at least disingenuous), as it seems that gay and lesbian saints are not actually held to the same standards as heterosexual members.When I was single I was allowed (and sometimes strongly encouraged to) date, kiss, cuddle, hold hands, show non-sexual affection, and get in romantic relationships with persons of the opposite sex.I hope the primary takeaway of these teachings is that: [tweetable]people should focus on becoming someone instead of finding someone.[/tweetable] RNS: You say that “you are sexually compatible with far more people than you’re relationally compatible with.” What are you getting at?AS: When it comes to romance, people put a premium on the romantic part as if that is the litmus.The pastor of one America’s largest churches is peeling back the covers on topics that might make some Christians squirm.

RNS: Word on the street is that your church is becoming “gay-friendly,” whatever that means.And your girlfriend’s body or your wife’s body is not enough for you.” If you’re going to get married, you should tell your fiancé that.It sounds absurd, but if porn is going to be part of your life, you need to tell the other person that.But when that begins to wane, the relationship can go in the same direction. It says that the relational part of the relationship should take precedent over the sexual or physical component of the relationship.[tweetable]If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, put the relational component ahead of the sexual one.[/tweetable] RNS: How can a history of sexual abuse impact the way these rules function in your life?

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