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In February 2010, three suspected traffickers were arrested on the border trying to bring 18 young adults from Cameroon, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Guinea into Gabon.The suspects remain jailed as the investigation continues.The government coordinated the repatriation of the vessel’s victims to their countries of origin with the concerned governments, guided by the Gabonese Procedural Manual for the Treatment of Trafficking Victims.In direct support of victim protection measures, the government spent approximately 0,000 to support three centers offering foster care to child victims of trafficking, in Libreville and Port Gentil.

The majority of victims were young girls, a departure from previous patterns of trafficking in the region.

In some cases, child victims report that their parents had turned them over to intermediaries promising employment opportunities in Gabon.

The government has no reports of international organized crime syndicates, employment agencies, marriage brokers, or travel services facilitating trafficking in Gabon.

Trafficking offenders appear to operate in loose ethnic-based crime networks.

Most child traffickers are women, who serve as intermediaries in their countries of origin.

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Government personnel employed procedures to identify victims of trafficking among vulnerable groups, such as migrant children, and referred them systematically to government or NGO shelters.

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