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Fright Night is routinely and serviceably entertaining, a movie made of pretty standard stuff, which is just about the best thing that may be said of it, other than, perhaps, that it's also technically honed to a crisp edge that gives the illusion of a superior movie where a rather lackluster story actually exists.Fright Night does well to mix standard Horror/Vampire movie thrills and chills with some subtle situational and character humor, but the movie lacks the hard edginess of superior genre pictures like 30 Days of Night (and Fright Night pretty much mimics that movie's vampire makeup and special effects), opting instead for something a little more reserved, stylistically bland, and infinitely predictable.

Various chase and "high suspense" scenes follow until the main characters square off in a battle royal to determine who will live and who will die.

Add in that the movie was probably made in large part because it could be filmed in 3D, and the stage is set for a potentially miserable motion picture.

Fortunately, 2011's Fright Night excels beyond "miserable," but it's still a derivative, predictable, go-nowhere sort of movie that holds its own but doesn't exactly redefine the Horror/Comedy, Vampire, or remake markets.

Charley turns to the only expert he can find on vampirism, a dark Vegas show star named Peter Vincent (David Tennant).

Can Charley, possibly with Peter's help, muster up the courage to protect his mother (Toni Collette) and his girl, or will he, too, just become another forever absentee at school?

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He commands the movie whenever -- and however -- he appears on the screen.

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